Direct all applicants to a page where they provide their contact information, upload resumes and enter other important profile information needed to identify the best qualified candidates. Once hired, our Onboarding process will take the new workers through a process of collecting the remaining information needed to complete the process and begin scheduling.


Communicating with your work force is a critical component to successfully completing work. Team By Wire uses all modes of communication technology. Our robust Document Management system provides the documents needed to perform their activities whether it be Product Catalogs, Sell Sheets, Plan-o-Grams or standard process documents. Make sure they have the library of information needed while at work. Providing Messages to workers and tracking whether they have viewed or acknowledged them is a powerful feature. Workers immediately see new messages or videos and can view at any time. Emails can be used to send reminders or work summaries to workers. Bulk emails can be sent using a robust filter to focus your emails to those that are most relevant. Text Messages can be used for immediate communication for last minute changes to schedules or other work related matters.


Finding the best people for the work is the most critical activity you have. Profile your workers to better understand what they are capable of and where they excel. Identify the key criteria and then begin maintaining that information for filtering and reviewing. Have your workers update certain aspects of their profile and managers other information for a full evaluation of skills, strengths and weaknesses. Search for workers using the profile to identify the workers best suited for the work at hand.


Collect, approve and process time, travel and expenses for work performed. Create pay batches and send pay files services like ADP or export custom pay files for processing in your own systems.


Train your workers on any number of topics, whether it be general corporate processes, government legislated topics or program specific. Our online testing facility allows you to see how well your workers understand the content. See how many attempts and identify the number of passes and failures.Tie the passing of a test to the ability to actually work on a program.